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Harmoneus 2

HibSoft Harmoneus 2, our second generation chemical advice software, is designed to assist your chemist to accurately classify your products and determine the correct health and safety information to include on your warning labels and safety data sheets.

Harmoneus 2 is an advanced advice system based on asking straightforward questions about your product. It bases it’s assessment purely on the answers received, without making dangerous assumptions, and so will always produce an accurate and reliable classification for your product whilst requiring a minimum of effort.

A Global Solution

All suppliers of hazardous chemicals are legally required to comply with international regulations on chemical hazard communication. Responsible suppliers will also wish not only to comply with the basic letter of the law, but to do this correctly and completely to ensure the safety of their customers and to present a professional image.

Harmoneus 2 is the perfect classification solution for all major commercial markets, meeting global legislation requirements.


Simplify the Process of Classifying Hazardous Mixtures

Harmoneus 2 works by mimicking the manual procedure as laid down in the GHS 'Purple Book', but takes out the stress by performing all necessary calculations for you as well as navigating automatically through manifold complicated logic paths (ie. where the answer to one question may determine the next set of relevant questions.)

Along the way you will be required to answer certain questions as to the physical properties of your product (although 'don't know' is often a valid answer). Harmoneus 2 then bases it’s assessment purely on the answers received and without making any dangerous assumptions. In this way you can be sure that it will always produce an accurate and reliable classification for your product according to the accepted rules whilst still requiring a minimum of effort.

On completion of each classification, Harmoneus 2 automatically generates advice on the EHS information required for purposes of ADR (warning diamond, UN number, proper shipping name, etc.) and GHS (warning pictograms, hazard & precautionary phrases, signal word, etc.) which you can amend, or add to, as you see fit.

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Save Time and Effort

Harmoneus 2 can be used to classify single substances or new mixtures of substances based upon the known properties of the various ingredients. The procedures for the latter are complicated and time-consuming but Harmoneus 2 does all the work for you with a minimum of fuss.

Harmoneus 2 is supplied with the full CLP list of thousands of ready classified substances for you to use in your mixtures but, once classified, you can also add your own products to include in future mixtures.

When working with chemicals with a similar base you can even set up a template with many of the questions pre-answered to significantly reduce the workload in classifying each new variation.

Integrated Modules

Designed to integrate (optionally) with HibSoft Label Enterprise (chemical labelling) and/or Hibsoft Prometheus SDS software.

When used in conjunction with HibSoft Prometheus it can even generate an outline Safety Data Sheet with the EHS information ready completed.


Main Features

  • Set up a database of frequently used ingredients so that you do not need to re-enter information about them each time you begin classification of a new preparation.

  • Create and save templates with stored answers to many of the questions to reduce the time and effort required when classifying similar products.

  • Archive classification data to keep a permanent record of how you decided on your classifications (this is a legal requirement).

  • Export recommendations automatically to: HibSoft Prometheus – to create safety data sheets  and HibSoft Label Enterprise – to print hazard labels.

Summary of Benefits

  • Provides sound professional advice on chemical classification.
  • Helps you comply with international regulations on chemical hazard communication.
  • Simplifies the process of correctly classifying your hazardous products.
  • Generates EHS information required for Safety Data Sheets and for GHS and ADR labelling.
  • Exports data directly to compatible Safety Data Sheet and/or labelling software.
  • Maintains a database of ingredients.
  • Maintains an archive of classifications.
  • Uses templates to reduce input.
  • Automatically archives your classifications to comply with regulatory requirements.

System requirements

  • OS: Windows XP or later.
  • Storage: 200Mb free disk space.
  • Memory: 4Gb (8Gb recommended for optimum performance).
  • Processor: 2.0Ghz or faster (3.0Ghz recommended).

Ancillary software requirements

  • Firebird database engine (included).
  • Microsoft DotNet version 4.0 or higher (version 4.0 included).
  • Access database engine (included).

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