Hibiscus Printer Consumables

Producing labels, that can withstand the harshest environments, can pose a real challenge for those wishing to reduce costs and produce their own bespoke, compliant labels.

Hibiscus offers a wide range of printer toners, thermal ribbons and other consumables, fully compatible with our range of printers.

We supply toners, belts and image drums and our range of ribbons are also compatible with all indirect thermal printers in the Hibiscus range.

If you need advice on the best printers, ribbons and blank labels, required to achieve compliance,  just contact us for further information; Hibiscus will be happy to guide you in the correct choice, and we can even perform the basic tests for BS5609, Section 3, compliance - Free of charge!

These consumables and more are available at our online store Stock-Xpress.com

Introducing the New Range of Armor Inkanto Ribbons

A range tailored for all your printing needs

Wax / Wax-Resin / Resin

  • The most comprehensive
  • Thermal Transfer Ribbon range on the market
  • Competitive ribbons to cover the most price-sensitive applications
  • Standard ribbons that offer the widest scope of performance
  • High performance speciality products for the most stringent requirements

Unparalleled Quality

  • Can meet BS5609 certification
  • Made with the finest components
  • Ribbons slit with robotized machines to ensure no dust residue, neat finishing,
    and quality consistency
  • Each ribbon is wound with a specific tension adapted to the ink grade ensuring optimal functionality

Contact us for prices and compatibility

LEXMARK Consumables

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